Thursday, September 17, 2020

 We at Express Pressure Washers have had a busy week of different barn visits, whether that be hog barns or cattle barns.

Along with the 3 day no cross visits protocol we follow, we also took the time to use our new Alkota Sani-Mister 500 to give 2 of our 4 trucks proper sanitizing.
Give us a call or check out our website to learn more.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

 Now available at Express Pressure Washers, Alkota Sani-Mister. This portable sanitizing unit paired with Zep DZ-7 Disinfectant, makes sanitizing large areas from Covid-19 fast, easy & effective. Stay tuned for EXP's how to video. Check EXP out:

Thursday, August 27, 2020

5 Signs That Your Pressure Washer Needs Repair

 Pressure washing is an effective way to clean your shop, equipment, vehicles, residential property and several other cleaning jobs. However, over time, pressure washing equipment can wear down, need service or break. Use this helpful guide to learn more about a few signs that your cleaning equipment needs professional repairs.

5 Signs That Your Pressure Washer Needs Repair

1. Trouble Turning On

Most gas engine pressure washers will turn off when they run out of oil or fuel. If this occurs, check the tanks and fill them as needed. Pressure washers will also shut off if they’re overheating. In these cases, allow the machine to cool off for 30 minutes before trying again.

If the washer doesn’t start at all, a broken spark plug, ignition coil, or electrical issue may be the reason. A clogged carburetor can also cause this problem. Either way, a repair professional can fix or replace the affected parts.

2. Heat Doesn’t Work

Problems that can cause heat not to work in your hot water pressure washer are low fuel in the tank, dirty fuel filter and/or fuel tank. If you’re using your commercial pressure washer frequently, the kerosene/diesel should be refreshed every three months.

3. Pressure Issues

Sometimes, the machine may pulsate or produce less pressure than you expect while you’re pressure washing. These issues could be due to a clog or a faulty hose, nozzle, belt, plunger, packing, or unloader valve.

These pieces wear out over time, but a professional can pinpoint which one is causing the problem and install replacement parts as needed.

4. Leaking

In most cases, water or oil leaks are caused by broken seals. Sometimes, a damaged or worn pump or plunger is the issue. In either case, the parts will need to be replaced by a pressure washer repair technician. 

5. Overheating and Sputtering

If you’re noticing your machine is overheating or that the outlet water is sputtering, this can happen when your machine is too hot. Without sufficient water supply, the pressure washer will have difficulty running smoothly; checking that the inlet isn’t plugged up to draw in water can help to resolve this issue.

To get your machine working again quickly, contact Express Pressure Washer Inc. in Blooming Prairie, MN. With more than 35 years in the pressure washing industry, these experts are prepared to diagnose and resolve any problem. They also sell new and used pressure washers if you’re ready to upgrade. Learn more by calling (507) 583-2703 or checking out the website.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Pressure Washer Cleaning Needs and Demands


Pressure washer cleaning needs and demands are always changing. It can be changing monthly, weekly or even daily. We at Express Pressure Washers are aware of those changes. We have a diverse selection of Alkota pressure washing equipment available. Our website and Facebook page feature different types of videos showing attachments, how-to, products, pictures and a web store available for you. 

No one job is the same, from cleaning a heavy piece of machinery, to a hog house needing the extensive cleaning before young pigs come in. The size of your pressure washer and the type (hot vs. cold) will obviously be your biggest impact in cleaning power. In addition, the size and type of tip you use can help make a big impact in your cleaning abilities. Knowing all of your options can make a dirty job successful and quick.

The same can go for cleaning around your farm or residence, mechanical jobs and shop floors that have quite a bit of foot traffic along with dirty jobs taking place on it.  Express Pressure Washers has a diverse selection of machines and attachments for your pressure washer to do every size and type of job. 

Express Pressure Washers is continually focused on 100% customer satisfaction before and after the sale. Our job is not over when the sale is made, we continue to help and be available after the sale making sure your machine is running at its best and that you, as the customer, continue to be 100% satisfied with your Express Pressure Washer’s purchase. We are available 5 days a week on the road and in our Blooming Prairie, MN showroom and shop. You can reach us at 507-583-2703.

Express Pressure Washers: Driven By Service, Supported By Sales. 

Monday, August 3, 2020

The Right Cleaning Equipment for your Semi

          Semis go through some hard work, multiple different elements and possibly multiple different types of hauls as well. Having the right equipment, tools and detergent to keep your Rig running in it’s prime condition is vital. We at Express Pressure Washers have all the right tools to get the job done right and efficiently.

Ø Size of Pressure Washer

Several different sizes of pressure washers are available for cleaning your rig, while every size can help get the job done effectively, the size you want will depend on the severity of the job and the time allowed to get your cleaning job accomplished. 420 ( 4 gallons a minute at 2,000PSI) is a good starting point going up to 518 or 530 ( 5 gallons a minute at 1800PSI and 3000PSI). Hot water will be essential for cutting though grease and grime.

Ø Attachments

As important as the size of your pressure washer is, the right attachment is just as important. The different spray patterns that are available ranging from 0 degree, 15 degree, 25 degree and 40 degree spray patterns and attachments available for below the truck and haulers or tips that can spray into the hard to reach engine compartments.

Ø Detergents

Detergents for washing will help speed the job up and leave your rig with a great polished look. Standard Touch Free, Ultra Clean to a degreaser that is safe for your aluminum trailer and undercarriage. These detergents have a wide range of uses and benefits for semi trucks and haulers.

Express Pressure Washers has been in the industry for over 35 years, helping numerous truck owners in their cleaning needs. If you are in the need for a great machine, attachment or detergent for you semi or hauler cleaning needs give Express Pressure Washers a call 507-583-2703, stop in to 526 3rd St. NE or visit our website at

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

3 Basic Pressure Washing Equipment Problems

3 Basic Pressure Washing Equipment Problems

1. Low Pressure

If you feel like your washer just doesn’t have the needed output velocity, the problem may lie with the nozzle. A worn-down nozzle could cause pressure to diminish, as could one that’s poorly fitted. A replacement might be all you need to get the pressure level right again.

Note the nozzle is just like the gun, regulator, or any other part of the washer – its rating must match the machine to work properly. Check the recommended GPM (gallons per minute) in the manual, too.

2.Burner Issues. 

In the winter months there can be burner issues. Having problems with the burner in colder months may happen, due to exposure and frequent usage in outdoor elements in the warmer months.

Once the machine comes inside it could expose problems that may have been unseen while outside. Getting a hold of us at Express Pressure Washers, 507-583-2703 or can get you in touch with a service technician that will help determine the next step that needs to be taken to fix the problem.

3. Rough Running

When your washer is running, it should feel and sound smooth. If the machine starts vibrating or making out of the ordinary noises, that’s cause for concern. 

Express Pressure Washers is a great company to help you with that, because we are a company that can come to you! Our service trucks make it easy for YOU to get your machine repaired with offering on-site service. Give us a call at 507-583-2703 and let us know of any problems arising with your machine and we will schedule a time that works with you to come take a look and repair what is needed.

Our state of the art shop and Alkota certified mechanics also make it easy for your machine to get repaired in our Blooming Prairie shop if it is unable to get fixed on location or you would rather have it fixed in shop with us here at Express Pressure Washers. 

Express Pressure Washers is a Bio-Secure respectful company, traveling to your company while respecting Bio-Secure measures as well as taking all Bio-secure measures in shop as well. 

We offer well known Alkota pressure washers and systems as well as C-Aire Compressors, VaL6 Heaters and IPC Eagle Sweepers and Scubbers. Offering New and Used Equipment as well as Service work on various commercial pressure washer brands.


When you’re in the business of pressure washing and need equipment, choose Express Pressure Washers Inc in Blooming Prairie, MN. For 35 years, this Alkota pressure washing distributor has helped farmers, industrial, residential and service minded customers get the high-end equipment they need. Whether you’re looking for new or used pressure washers, visit them online or call (507) 583-2703.