Tuesday, December 1, 2020

 Commercial businesses have various types of mess that could use attention weekly or even daily. Having a machine that cleans a mess quickly, easily and efficiently is ideal.  Re-chargeable battery operated sweepers and scrubbers available through Express Pressure Washers can be helpful with these various types of projects. 

Vacuum Sweeper

There are great benefits from using a vacuum sweeper. The key benefit is not having the dust cloud from cleaning up the dirt that was present. Vacuum sweepers are able to suck up the entire dust mess and keep dust clouds away. The larger models of sweepers offer a walking feature, that makes guiding the machines easy, while cleaning up mess and continuing work around the shop. Another benefit of the vacuum sweeper is the filter shaker. The shaker is available while working, providing more cleaning room in the filter and sweeper. Lastly, with the multiple batteries that come in the bigger sweepers, longevity is a strong quality these sweepers provide, lasting 3-5 hours per charge. They are easy to charge with a 110v plug in. 

Automatic Scrubbers

Automatic Scrubbers are ideal for commercial properties. IPC Eagle Scrubbers are great for their uses on cleaning up existing wet messes. A great feature is the vacuum suction which leaves minimal moisture behind the cleaning path. Efforts in pushing the scrubbers are very easy with their automatic walking feature. Going up to a rider scrubber makes getting your job done even more easily and quickly. Lastly, with the multiple batteries that come in the bigger scrubbers, longevity is a strong quality these scrubbers provide, lasting 3-5 hours per charge. They are also easy to charge with a 110v plug in. 

Sweepers and scrubbers are ideal for your shop, warehouse or commercial property. They help make cleaning up new and existing messes quick and easy. Express Pressure Washers offers a wide variety of IPC Eagle Sweepers and Scrubbers as well as service work if you should ever need it. Check out Express Pressure Washers website or their Blooming Prairie, MN location. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 Winter is on its way and what a different winter we are going to be facing. Radiant Heaters are a great option to keep you, your job or farm operation running smooth. There are several different uses for the heaters during the winter time, that range from personal use in the shop or garage, to on-site and livestock use. 

Radiant Heat Benefits

Using radiant heat for keeping you or your project warm is beneficial because where your heater is positioned is where you will be heating. The heat does not rise like other heaters, it will heat in a straight line. With the heat being a directional heat it prevents dust being blown around as well, keeping your area clean and warm. 

No ammonia while Operating

VaL6 radiant heaters burn 99.9% clean. The complete combustion system produces no odor or smoke while it is heating you or your job. Other style heaters can produce ammonia that can make it difficult to have in a smaller space or enclosed area. VaL6 radiant heaters achieve heating those areas completely clean, so there will not be any effects from running the heater. 

Heating Uses 

The uses for Radiant heaters have continued to grow. A few of the main uses for these heaters are: finishing up end of season projects, heating winter projects, keeping newborn livestock born in the cold warm and adding additional heat to your shop, garage or outdoor setting. Some of the new ways that have come for outdoor heaters is the use for outdoor dining to create a larger space for dining at local restaurants. 

VaL6 Radiant heaters are available at Express Pressure Washers. They are continuously being sold and used for different uses but one main reason, the power of the sun for heat and being able to burn 99.9% clean producing little to no ammonia. These heaters can be used on location with a inverter for your vehicle battery, or with 110V power in your shop, garage or powered outdoor setting. Let us at Express Pressure Washers find the perfect size heater for you. Check out Express Pressure Washers website today. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Your Guide to Using Commercial Pressure Washers During Winter

 Commercial pressure washers help to keep a variety of surfaces clean, from your shop floors and heavy machinery to a residential homestead and its property. As such, they play a crucial role in daily business operations. During winter, though, certain precautions are necessary to ensure your cleaning goes smoothly. For the best results, follow the tips listed below.

Your Guide to Using Commercial Pressure Washers During Winter

1. Be sure your Pressure Washer is properly winterized

Winterizing is crucial for winter washing. Being sure your Frozen Float Tankmachine is winterized properly is even more important, what we mean by that is to make sure anti-freeze is run through your pump AND through your entire coil. In many cases we see the pump alone was winterized and the coil has split because not enough anti-freeze was run through it. Winterizing how-to-videos are available on our website.

2. Adequate water source available

Getting ready for winter is something all of us in the Midwest have mastered. One of the many tasks on that checklist is to be sure your hoses and water sources are drained to prevent freezing. So if you are pressure washing outside, make sure you have an adequate source of water for your pressure washer.

3. Leaving your machine in a heated shed

After finishing up with a pressure washing job it is best to make sure your machine continues to be stored in a warm shed (above 32 degrees) if it is not winterized.  The pressure washer pump and coil are the most vulnerable to damage when exposed to the harsh winter temps.

 You also want to be sure to drain your hose, disconnect it and keep that in a warm shed as well. When water freezes it will expand inside the hose causing the wire braid to split or build up ice that can form a pocket creating back pressure that can damage the pump the next time you start to wash.

If you need commercial pressure washers to help with daily business operations, turn to the team at Express Pressure Washers in Blooming Prairie, MN. Since 1984, they have provided business owners with a broad range of systems and parts to suit any project or need. Visit their website to browse their offerings, and call (507) 583-2703 to schedule an appointment today. 

Monday, September 28, 2020

 Fall is here. Don't forget to winterize your pressure washers before it starts to freeze. If you need help we're only a phone call away (507-583-2703). Stay tuned for this week's Troy Tech Talk Tuesday on winterizing your pressure washer.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

 We at Express Pressure Washers have had a busy week of different barn visits, whether that be hog barns or cattle barns.

Along with the 3 day no cross visits protocol we follow, we also took the time to use our new Alkota Sani-Mister 500 to give 2 of our 4 trucks proper sanitizing.
Give us a call or check out our website to learn more.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

 Now available at Express Pressure Washers, Alkota Sani-Mister. This portable sanitizing unit paired with Zep DZ-7 Disinfectant, makes sanitizing large areas from Covid-19 fast, easy & effective. Stay tuned for EXP's how to video. Check EXP out: www.expresspressurewashers.com

Thursday, August 27, 2020

5 Signs That Your Pressure Washer Needs Repair

 Pressure washing is an effective way to clean your shop, equipment, vehicles, residential property and several other cleaning jobs. However, over time, pressure washing equipment can wear down, need service or break. Use this helpful guide to learn more about a few signs that your cleaning equipment needs professional repairs.

5 Signs That Your Pressure Washer Needs Repair

1. Trouble Turning On

Most gas engine pressure washers will turn off when they run out of oil or fuel. If this occurs, check the tanks and fill them as needed. Pressure washers will also shut off if they’re overheating. In these cases, allow the machine to cool off for 30 minutes before trying again.

If the washer doesn’t start at all, a broken spark plug, ignition coil, or electrical issue may be the reason. A clogged carburetor can also cause this problem. Either way, a repair professional can fix or replace the affected parts.

2. Heat Doesn’t Work

Problems that can cause heat not to work in your hot water pressure washer are low fuel in the tank, dirty fuel filter and/or fuel tank. If you’re using your commercial pressure washer frequently, the kerosene/diesel should be refreshed every three months.

3. Pressure Issues

Sometimes, the machine may pulsate or produce less pressure than you expect while you’re pressure washing. These issues could be due to a clog or a faulty hose, nozzle, belt, plunger, packing, or unloader valve.

These pieces wear out over time, but a professional can pinpoint which one is causing the problem and install replacement parts as needed.

4. Leaking

In most cases, water or oil leaks are caused by broken seals. Sometimes, a damaged or worn pump or plunger is the issue. In either case, the parts will need to be replaced by a pressure washer repair technician. 

5. Overheating and Sputtering

If you’re noticing your machine is overheating or that the outlet water is sputtering, this can happen when your machine is too hot. Without sufficient water supply, the pressure washer will have difficulty running smoothly; checking that the inlet isn’t plugged up to draw in water can help to resolve this issue.

To get your machine working again quickly, contact Express Pressure Washer Inc. in Blooming Prairie, MN. With more than 35 years in the pressure washing industry, these experts are prepared to diagnose and resolve any problem. They also sell new and used pressure washers if you’re ready to upgrade. Learn more by calling (507) 583-2703 or checking out the website.