Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hot water vs. cold water pressure washers

Depending on what you are cleaning and how fast you want to get the job done will determine whether you should get a hot or cold water pressure washer.  If you need to clean grease or oil, hot water will do a better job of breaking down the grime. Hot water can decrease cleaning time and help detergents and chemical cleaners work better. They also sanitize in areas where bacteria is a problem.

Hot water power washers typically do cost more. Hot water units heat the water using a heating coil, and this component is complex. Make sure the coil on the unit has at least 1/2" inner diameter. A narrower coil could become lined up with build-up, reducing the pressure of the machine. The coil should also be spiral wound with even spacing to prevent soot build up, which interferes with combustion.

On Alkota pressure washers, the coil actually forms the combustion chamber, so there is no troublesome insulation. The even coil spirals also allow adequate air flow, improving combustion and fuel efficiency.


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